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Corporate & Institutional Services

Committed to you and the growth of your company, we draw on a deep knowledge of our customers business in order deliver first class financial support. Back by the fact that we are locally-owned, we are also able to make quick, in-house decisions for each of our corporate and institutional clients.

Among the arrary of services LBC offers are: corporate checking, business loans and cash management solutions

Corporate Checking

Have a need for comprehensive banking services for higher volume business? Corporate Checking from LaGrange Banking Company is the smart choice.

Business Loans

Whether you are managing daily expenses, planning for growth or simply keeping up with technology, your business may need extra funds to succeed. Whatever your goals, you'll find a trusted financial partner in LaGrange Banking Company. We offer a wealth of business lending solutions designed to meet your financing needs.

Business Desktop Banking

Make safe, secure deposits at a time that is convenient for you without ever leaving the comfort of your office. And with easy-to-use scanners and electronic processing, your deposits are available quicker than ever before. Desktop checking also improves your cash flow and saves on those costly trips to the bank.

Business Credit Cards

Including a low variable annual percentage rate, revolving balance option, online payments, and consolidated payment options, LaGrange Banking Company's Business Credit Card is a great way to enjoy the convenience of cash-free purchasing.

Business Treasury Management

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